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Providing Modern, Traditional and Classical Acupuncture,  
Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine and Therapies Since 1989

Three Convenient Locations:

Acupuncture Center of Cheyenne

1621 Dell Range Blvd
Cheyenne, WY 82009 
(307) 433-4010

Traditional Asian Medicine & Laser Acupuncture
3307 S. College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 658-0887

Acupuncture Center of Rapid City
2040 W. Main St
Rapid City, SD 57702
(605) 218- 0383

These are some of the gentle and effective therapies our centers provide:

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
Japanese Style Acupuncture
Ayurvedic Siravedhana-Marampuncture
Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN)  
Intramuscular Dry Needling
Functional Integrative Needling
 Naturopathic Manual Medicine 
Neuromuscular Therapy 
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine and Therapies
Non-Needle Therapies Available

Laser Acupuncture
Low Level Laser (LLLT)
Intramuscular Stimulation
Tui Na - TCM Manual Therapy
Holistic Sports and Injury Care
Nutritional and Botanical Formulas
Holistic Naturopathic-Oriental Medicine
Traditional Ayurvedic Marma Point Therapy 

Individually Customized Treatment Programs for Health & Healing

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